Ice PaintsWe believe children are born artists and scientists, ready to observe, investigate, experiment and discover. They are capable people eager to explore, imagine, create and form their own ideas. Each child brings a unique and valuable perspective and his and her own set of abilities.

With this in mind, and the Reggio Emilia Approach idea of the environment serving as the third teacher, we design the environment to be engaging, stimulating, and to provide a variety of materials to inspire inquiry.

The activities and projects we present through the integration of the arts and sciences support literacy and language development, fine and gross motor development, math, social studies, social and emotional development, and art and science.

The arts and sciences share a common and key element – the creative process. This creative process is called  research, another word for it is Play. It is the process by which we investigate, explore, and learn. With the use of our imagination and abilities, we test our own hypotheses and come to conclusions or further questions that help us to make connections and understand the world around us. This research in, with, and through the arts and sciences encourages children to question, to analyze, to create, to evaluate, and to form opinions and make decisions. In other words it fosters creative and critical thinking.

We also believe in the teacher as a facilitator: a professionally trained, thought provoking individual that sets the structure and clears the path for imagination to lead to discovery, the loving person responsible for ensuring that each and every one’s needs are met, the firm and kind guide that sets appropriate boundaries to help everyone feel safe.